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The Brand

Guiding the sportswear industry since 1923, Hummel was established in Denmark and has become a globally known and loved brand with its acclaimed products.

The Insight

Hummel needed to establish a stronger bond with its target audience and to develop mutually beneficial exchanges. We aimed the audience to feel special and be a part of a team with the ever-growing advantages, while gaining strength in today’s competitive market.

The Idea

While creating the loyalty club, our first point of contact was the name of the club. The name should both reflect Hummel, explain how the system works, and be suitable for the tone of the target audience. By establishing a brand connection with the Bumblebee, which is Hummel's symbol, the name of the club came forward easily: Bee Club. While representing our hive club, which gathers our members under the same roof, Hummel customers, who fill the honeycombs with points, were positioned as bees. The money points to be collected were identified with honey drops. Bees with similar styles, but each unique to their own, take advantage of Hummel opportunities by filling their individual hives with the "honey" points they collect at the Bee Club. We implemented our idea within the framework of this concept.

The Execution

For our club images; We brought it to the forefront with a badge containing a "hive" and "honey drop". From the name to the Bee Club logo, from the film about the club to the landing page design, social media and store communication, we have implemented executions that speak to our target audience anytime, anywhere.

Hummel Bee Club – Loyalty Program

With our Bee Club branding works, which we designed based on Hummel heritage and culture, we communicated from outdoor to stores, from social media to digital channels. We gathered thousands of Hummel consumers with high brand loyalty and strong emotional bonds on the Bee Club in a short time. With our innovative Customer Loyalty Program approach, we continue to increase our audience on Bee Club day by day and keep in touch.


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