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The Payoff

hummel, which defines its target audience as those who know their desires, those who can act as they wish, and those who cannot live without style, sports and dance in their lives, wanted to make their voices heard by all women who want to break the mold.

The Idea

In a world where we have the right to decide and hope remains, as an agency with a high level of female employment, "If we are the ones who move, why not increase the sales?" we decided to continue the rest of the way with the motto "#SenKararVer". Because why would anyone else decide for you? While determining our motto, the message we wanted to bring to the fore was "You decide how you want it". We chose not to move forward with the stereotypical, somewhat reckless mistake of “Do what you know, no matter what anyone says”. We wanted to support a woman's determination and upright stance and her ability to implement what she wants in life.

Why Aybüke Pusat?

Dance, sports, energy, style, freedom… And of course 3.7M followers. When we saw Aybüke Pusat in Hummel outfits, we once again realized what a right decision we had made. We brought the harmonically perfect combination of brand and celebrity to our main campaign video. Our video, which reached millions of people in 1 month, appealed to all “Cool” women who say “however I want” and like to take action, both achieving its goal and garnering great appreciation for the beautiful message it gave. And the sales? Thanks to the success of the main video and the "cool" stance we have acquired in the digital world, the expected increase in sales was achieved in a matter of months.

The Execution

For the project, we prepared 4 different key visuals with the theme of #SenKararVer. Proceeding through these key visuals, we continued the communication that started digitally in offline channels as well. We put our key visuals in the bus stop rackets to reach hummel lovers all over the country and to reach the potential that has not yet been discovered. We positioned billboards and subways, to the spots that are within the most crowded transportation areas. In addition to hummel stores in shopping malls, we introduced our products and gave our message by gaining visibility on screens and billboards inside the shopping malls. By mixing fashion with sports, we took part in Turkey's important magazines with the key visuals and photoshoots we prepared.

The Campaign Film

It would not have been possible if we had not shot such an ambitious campaign film when we brought together the ambitious products of an ambitious brand with a celebrity, as ambitious as we are. Our campaign main film published in Hummel stores and all digital channels; It reached millions people and more than 4 million people viewed our film on digital platforms.

Key Visual Designs

The Launch Event

For the launch event part of our campaign, we met at the renovated Basilica Cistern, one of the most beautiful and historical buildings of the city. With the addition of celebrities and influencers it was a night to remember for both the brand and the attendees.

Outdoor Applications

Landing Page

Hummel – #SenKararVer

With the #SenKararVer communication, the brand’s biggest campaign in Turkey, we not only increased the women’s sales of the hummel brand in a short period of 6 months, but also added a visible value to our brand by raising the perception of the consumer to a higher level.


İstanbul, Türkiye

Hummel Türkiye

Hummel Türkiye