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The Brand

Guiding the sportswear industry since 1923, Hummel was established in Denmark and has become a worldwide known and loved brand with its acclaimed products.

The Insight

For the relaunch communications of our brand’s REACH LX 300 and 600 models, we melted the subculture and localization in one pot, in line with the brand’s ambition to become a locally loved brand.

The Idea

To achieve a powerful local tone, we created a campaign that reflects Turkey’s globally known local landmarks and add a statement “Your Culture, Your Style” to enrich our main #RitminiYansıt tagline.

The Execution

Just like before, we showcased our target audience that they can reflect their rhythms by embracing the local culture and local colors in their disposal by creating originally illustrated visuals. The visuals did not go unnoticed and took their places on store displays.

Your Culture, Your Style!

By adding “Your Culture, Your Style” statement we added another level to our #RitminiYansıt communications.

Specific to our different target audiences, we have designed and implemented content based on different textures for each persona.

In the end, we helped our target audience find their rhythm once again with our visual world and tagline that we created by feeding on traditional Turkish Arts.


İstanbul, Türkiye

Hummel Türkiye

Ritmini Yansıt