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The Payoff

As part of our #SenKararVer communication with Aybüke Pusat, we started getting ready to promote a new line with our brand hummel for those who decide to calm things down a bit and "stay in the moment"; The Mindful Training collection, which is produced from sustainable recycled materials, offers unlimited comfort to the user, is easy to combine and most importantly, we emphasize on its seamlessness.

The Idea

For the promotion of Mindful Training collection, which allows its users to move freely with its seamless structure, we designed a communication based on exceeding limits, keeping our pre-established motto #KendindenBaşla at the focus.

The Execution

We reached our audience, whom we invited to exceed their limits by stating #KendindenBaşla, through 4 online mini videos and key visuals that will also be used in stores. We have emphasized change, renewal, comfort, energy and sustainability with our films, in which we deal with exceeding the limits, which is the focus of all 4 films, from a different point in each version.

Mindful Training - Look 1

Mindful Training - Look 2

Mindful Training - Look 3

Mindful Training - Look 4

Hummel – Mindful Training

Through the communicational assets we prepared for the Mindful Training collection, we achieved over 1 million views and around 50 thousand interactions in the digital medium, which was planned to last for a month. In addition, we have achieved a noticeable increase in sales made both in-store and through the website.


İstanbul, Türkiye

Hummel Türkiye

Mindful Training