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The Brand

Guiding the sportswear industry since 1923, Hummel was established in Denmark and has become a worldwide known and loved brand with its acclaimed products.

The Insight

As our brand enters the launch period of its new and powerful models REACH LX300 and 600, we set out in our campaign around the fact that everyone involved in physical activities has a style and rhythm that they express in daily life.

The Idea

We chose Norm Ender, the famous rap artist as the face of our campaign bearing in mind that sneaker culture is an indispensable element in this subcultre and created the tagline #RitminiYansıt to announce our campaign and to attract our target audience.

The Execution

We conveyed to our target audience that each of them has different rhythms through our brand new sneaker models, by stating #RitminiYansıt tagline specific to digital medium. We carried the digitally started communication into the stores and integrated our digital oriented key visuals to stores to attract visitor attention.

Ritmini Yansıt

Each individual has different areas of life, different hobbies, different emotions and different passions.

Every individual has a stance and rhythm, whether in business, sports or on the street.

However, we sometimes have difficulties in reflecting our rhythm in daily life, and sometimes we have new rhythms.

Throughout the campaign, our exact focus was this issue that helped our target audience enable to find and reflect their rhythms.


İstanbul, Türkiye

Hummel Türkiye

Ritmini Yansıt