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İş Portföy – Blockchain Technology Mixed Fund Desktop Film

The challenge was to announce Turkey’s first and only “Blockchain Technology Mixed Funds” by İş Portföy on digital platforms.

We wanted to convey to consumers in the simplest and most understandable way that blockchain technology, which has been paired with cryptocurrencies recently, actually contains a world with much more.

In the film we prepared, we explained with our metaphors that blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies.

We aimed to increase the attraction towards our fund with our KV and Trailer, which we prepared before the release date of our movie, which we talked about by emphasizing the blockchain technology, the areas in which it is used, its benefits and the potential it has.

We tried to help our audience better understand blockchain technology, which are far from many users due to their structure and are only matched with cryptocurrencies, in a metaphorical way by presenting the journey, usage areas and ultimate purpose of a tomato in order to make the blockchain technologies to be more understandable.