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İş Portföy Semiconductor Technologies Variable Fund – Desktop Film

We had to announce the “Semiconductor Technologies Variable Fund”, which provides investment in the microchip industry, known as the brain of many of today’s products, which are an invariable part of our lives, in digital channels to attract the attention of our target audience.

We delivered semiconductor technology, which is used in countless fields from smart phones to computers, automobiles to health technologies, to our target audience with the metaphors we used in our film.

In our film, we positioned the fields where semiconductor technology is used and the future benefits of investment that can be made in these areas as a sub-context in the minds of our target audience.

From the moment our fund went ready to invest and our communication started, it attracted great interest and received positive feedback.

With İş Portfolio Semiconductor Technologies Variable Fund, investing in the building blocks of digital transformation is this easy at İş Portföy!